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Natural Remedies for Dust Mite Allergies

It’s hard to defeat an enemy you know nothing about. So if you feel miserable every time you try to get comfortable at home, it’s time to identify the invisible monsters that might be causing your problem. In other words, get dust mite allergy facts. And then develop a plan for defeating the ugly critters!
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Starve a Fever, Feed a Cold

Starve a Fever, Feed a Cold

I remembered something my mom used to say to me when I was a kid: Starve a Fever, Feed a Cold.

Is that actually true? Or is it just some outdated home remedy?

I decided to prepare myself for the future by investigating the facts.

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Natural Ways to Relieve Indoor Allergies

It isn’t easy to stop indoor allergens and we’re all exposed to BILLIONS of indoor allergens every day. Luckily, EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) experts claim we should start the fight at home. Why? Because American homes are “the most allergic environments” in the nation, packed full of allergy-causing contaminants.

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Test Your Pain Tolerance Using These 6 Factors

Remember when people considered individual pain tolerance to be the reflection of willpower? Today that theory seems as silly as thinking the earth is flat. Modern scientific research is showing that a mix of genes, brain chemistry, and life experiences all go in to determining personal pain tolerance.
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Dr. Marilyn Pratt who developed Crème de la Femme vaginal dryness relief cream

The History of a Sex Lubricant and the Doctor Who Created It

When it’s time to get serious about a woman’s intimate moisturizer, consider the doctor-formulated vaginal dryness cream: Dr. Marilyn Pratt developed Crème de la Femme in a California laboratory over 35 years ago.

Today thousands of women nationwide trust her silky sheer gel-cream. Pharmacists recommended it. Doctors encourage their patients to use it.

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What Causes Indoor Allergies?

When you get an allergy attack, it’s hard to care about the reasons why it happens. But until you learn what actually causes indoor and outdoor allergies, you won’t get the relief you need. Learn more about causes, reasons why chemical solutions don't work, and how to find relief naturally.
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Hormone Headaches in Males? Oh Yes, It Happens!

What woman hasn’t had a “hormone headache” around the time of her period? Many also suffer with bad headaches (or even migraines) during menopause. And believe it or not, men suffer the same fate as they age. Luckily, though, there’s good news. For any painful hormone headache natural remedies can help.
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Do Indoor Allergens Cause Childhood Asthma?

Do indoor allergens cause childhood asthma? Many worried parents ask this question after learning that their son or daughter has the condition. Unfortunately, there is no simple “yes” or “no” answer.

Doctors are increasingly convinced, however, that there is a connection between childhood asthma and indoor pet (and dust mite) allergens.

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