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Premiere’s Pain Spray

Get fast, powerful pain relief with Premiere’s Pain Spray Mist and Pain Spray Roll-On. These strong herbal formulas work in less than 2 minutes. And relief lasts for hours.

Perfect for back pain, arthritis, and other nagging aches and pains. Also great for minor sports injuries and occasional muscle soreness. Active adults love it!

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Crème de la Femme

Created by a doctor, Creme De La Femme is the silky-sheer intimate moisturizer that relieves vaginal dryness at any age, whatever the cause. Also a soothing, long-lasting sex lubricant.

Hormone-free. Paraben-free. Glycerin and alcohol-free. Neve burns. Never causes yeast infection. A little does a lot.

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Easy Air Allergy Relief

Instant relief for dust, mite, and pet allergies.  Easy Air Organic Indoor Spray and Laundry Rinse destroy the protein allergens that cause symptoms – without harmful chemicals.

Stop tearing, stuffy nose, burning eyes, coughing, sneezing, wheezing, itching, and skin rashes. Keep your home allergy-free for up to a month.

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Headache ReLeaf

Roll it on, headaches are gone. This balanced blend of imported menthol and essential oils smells great. Yet it is strong enough to ease even the worst migraine.

Soothes sinus headaches, menopause and menstrual headaches, hangover, and headaches caused by cold, flu, fever, stress, exhaustion, or allergies. 

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Four pocket-size aromatherapy inhalers that make essential oil therapy quick and easy. Each inhaler helps with an everyday health problem. Choose just one. Or create a personal mix-n-match pack.

A great way to put the power of aromatherapy in your medicine cabinet. Safe and effective for the whole family.

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