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Easy Air Allergy Relief

Easy Air Allergy Relief

Soothe Indoor Allergies Without Harsh Chemicals

FAQ: Easy Air Anti-Allergy Relief

What is Easy Air Anti-Allergy Relief?
Easy Air Anti-Allergy Spray and Laundry Rinse are 100% organic, chemical-free, clear-liquid formulas that relieve indoor allergy symptoms (like red and tearing eyes, sneezing, runny nose, coughing, headaches, even itchy skin and rashes). Relief is almost immediate. Benefits last up to 4 weeks. Safe for people and pets. Safe for all ages.

How does Easy Air work?
Billions of microscopic “protein allergens” surround us every day. They are shed by all living creatures, including humans, and as they float through the air they stick on any cloth surface: upholstery, carpeting, clothes, bed linen, and towels. For most people they are completely harmless. But for adults and children with dust, mite, cat and/or dog allergies, these tiny molecules behave like dangerous contaminants. Antibodies rush to eyes, nose, lungs, and surface skin in an effort to destroy the attackers. Easy Air works by breaking apart indoor allergens, and making them harmless. It’s like taking dangerous boulders and turning them into harmless rubble.

How should Easy Air be used?
The trigger-head Indoor Spray bottle makes it easy to apply a light mist to mattress tops, pillows, upholstered furniture, rugs, and drapery. Also great for pet cushions and toys. Apply as often as needed.

Just 2-oz. of Laundry Rinse in the final rinse cycle keeps a full load of bed linen, towels, or clothing “allergy-free” for up to 4 washings. Perfect for hand washables, too.

Who should use Easy Air?
Both formulas provide immediate relief for anyone with indoor allergies. Research also finds that youngsters who grow up around high levels of dust, mite, and pet allergens are nearly 500% more likely to develop asthma. This makes Easy Air a smart way to protect yourself and the little ones you love.