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Easy Air Allergy Relief

Easy Air Allergy Relief

Get the Best All-Natural Allergy Relief Solution

How to Soothe Indoor Allergies Naturally

What is Easy Air Anti-Allergy Relief?

Easy Air Anti-Allergy Relief Spray and Laundry Rinse are the 100% all-natural solution to your indoor allergies. Our chemical-free, clear-liquid formulas tame common indoor allergens that can make you cough, sneeze, wheeze, and wipe watery eyes. Save on allergy medications and tissues for wiping runny noses when you give Easy Air Anti-Allergy Relief a try. Benefits last up to 4 weeks per application. How does Easy Air tackle indoor allergies?

It might be gross to think about, but there are billions of microscopic protein allergens floating around in your home. All living creatures shed them. They end up stuck to any cloth surface: carpeting, clothes, bed linens, and upholstery. They’re completely harmless to most people. For others, they can trigger relentless allergy symptoms.

Easy Air products offer an all-natural alternative to harsh chemical treatments for indoor allergies. Easy Air works by breaking up indoor allergens. It’s a lot like taking dangerous boulders and transforming them into harmless bits of rubble. Indoor allergy problem solved.

Who should use Easy Air for indoor allergies?

Anyone who suffers from indoor allergies and prefers an all-natural solution can turn to Easy Air Anti-Allergy Relief. It’s also ideal for young children as a preventative measure against developing allergies and asthma from repeat exposure to indoor allergens.

What’s the best way to use Easy Air?

It’s super easy to use Easy Air Anti-Allergy Relief to rid yourself of indoor allergies naturally. Our allergy relief spray comes with a trigger-head nozzle that makes spritzing carpets, curtains, furniture, and other cloth surfaces quick and painless. You can apply it as often as needed to keep indoor allergens under control.

When partnered with Easy Air Anti-Allergy Relief spray, our Easy Air Laundry Rinse provides a protective barrier from allergens looking to land on your clothing or bedroom and bath linens. Just pour 2 ounces in with the final rinse cycle to enjoy allergy-free clothing and linens for up to 4 washings.