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Crème de la Femme

Crème de la Femme

Soothing Comfort When You Need It Most

Everything to Know About Crème de la Femme

What is Crème de la Femme?

When you already suffer from vaginal dryness and irritation, the last thing you want is to use a vaginal moisturizer that makes it worse. Harsh ingredients in some vaginal products can aggravate symptoms. That’s why we came up with an all-natural solution. Created by a woman doctor 35 years ago, it supplies soothing relief when you need it the most.

Crème de la Femme doesn’t contain any harsh ingredients. It adds hours of silky-sheer comfort to your most intimate (and delicate) tissue. It’s free from alcohol, glycerin, hormones, and paraben preservatives, all of which can worsen dryness.

Our Crème de la Femme promise:

  • It never feels cold or runny.
  • It never burns.
  • It never provokes yeast infection.
  • It leaves no messy residue.
  • It never requires follow-up douching.

Who should use Crème de la Femme?

FDA-cleared, Crème de la Femme benefits women of all ages. For women over 45, menopause vaginal dryness can make intimacy more painful and daily activities uncomfortable. Crème de la Femme instantly relieves dryness, irritation, and itching. Health-conscious younger women appreciate Crème de la Femme’s ability to preserve and protect delicate vaginal tissue.

Who else benefits from its moisturizing and protective qualities?

  • Women looking for an all-natural vaginal lubricant they can apply before enjoying intimacy with their partners.
  • Women athletes and exercise devotees with nagging dryness from intense exercise.
  • Women who are pregnant or nursing.
  • Women who are undergoing chemotherapy.
  • Women with medical conditions like ovarian dysfunction

What’s the best way to apply Crème de la Femme?

A little goes a long way with Crème de la Femme. Apply a small amount with a clean fingertip after a bath or shower to soothe minor or occasional dryness. If you suffer from more persistent or painful dryness, you get longer-lasting relief by using it internally. All boxes of our vaginal moisturizer include a thin applicator.

Apply once or twice daily to replenish moisture and stop irritation. Once the inflammation and irritation decrease, you may need to use the cream less often.