Disposable Vaginal Applicators

Crème De La Femme Applicators


Enjoy the convenience of a completely fresh applicator every time you use Creme de la Femme. These sleek, individually wrapped applicators make it fast and easy to apply the sheer moisturizing cream internally, where you need it most.

Keep them in your dresser, bathroom, or tucked inside your nightstand drawer so they’ll be handy when you want one. Maybe even put a few down in your purse, backpack, or overnight bag. The sealed wrapper ensures they’ll stay 100% clean until you need them.

Safe. Sanitary. A simple luxury that you deserve!



The applicator’s gently rounded rim fits snugly onto the neck of the lubricant tube. Because they’re made of clear plastic, you can see exactly how full the applicator is and control exactly how much you use with each insertion. On days when you’re looking for all-day comfort, half an applicator may be enough. Then you can apply more before sex, for extra moisture that lasts for hours.

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