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It’s a combination of Pain Spray Mistand Pain Spray Roll-On. You choose how many of each you want -- and earn volume discounts! The formulas can be used separately or together. Either way, they work in less than 2 minutes and relief lasts for hours.

Both Mix & Match formulas are clear herbal remedies made with the same pain-fighting ingredients. However the Spray Mist is a 100% liquid formula, while the Roll-On is a silky liquid-gel. This makes the Spray Mist great for allover discomfort, and it lets you apply without ever touching the places that hurt. The Roll-On applicator is better at targeting localized pain, and soothing soreness in hard-to-reach places.

Mix & Match is designed for anyone who wants powerful muscle or joint pain relief. Instead of fighting pain one way, you can hit it with a double punch. Perfect for people with chronic pain conditions like arthritis, carpal tunnel, tendonitis, pinched nerves, sciatica, restless leg syndrome or fibromyalgia. Equally good for after a long day of housework, gardening, or moving. Weekend sports enthusiasts rely on it, too, because it can relieve occasional sore muscles and minor sports injuries.

Because Pain Spray Mist and Roll-On are all natural pain remedies, you can use either of them – or both – as often as you like. Some people find that a single application in the morning is enough for all-day relief. Others like to re-apply periodically throughout the day. The more you use, the stronger the effect. No-mess, no-stain formulas. And they smell like refreshing peppermint.

Original Pain Spray and Pain Spray Roll-On contain only FDA-approved ingredients. The most powerful is extra-pure imported menthol. Natural wintergreen, eucalyptus and peppermint oils are added to enhance the therapeutic benefits and lend a refreshing aroma. Then an herbal moisturizer is added, to help protect your skin from dryness.

When any part of the body is injured or inflamed, it sends powerful signals to the brain. The body’s natural response to those signals is tension. Muscle instantly tighten – which only increases the pain. And the body tenses even more. It quickly becomes a vicious cycle. Pain Spray interrupts that pain-tension-pain cycle. It replaces pain signals with equally powerful alternatives (first a cooling sensation, then a deep, soothing warmth). Muscles relax. Inflammation subsides. The pain is temporarily eased.

Count on 1-5 hours of relief, depending on how bad your symptoms are. The more you apply, the longer it will last.

No, both formulas are 100% non-habit forming and never causes drowsiness. In fact, they are associated with absolutely no harmful side effects.

No, the Mix & Match solutions do not interfere with the action of any prescription medication. In fact, they can be wonderful "companions" to many traditional pain relief treatments and drugs.

Have questions or concerns not covered above? We’re here to help. Feel free to call us anytime, toll free, at 1-800-576-7616.

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