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This is an organic laundry additive that destroys the “indoor allergens” that cause cat, dog, dust, and mite allergy symptoms. These microscopic contaminants stick to all fabric surfaces – bed linen, clothing, towels, even washable pet cushions and cloth toys.  Add 2 oz. of clear liquid Easy Air to your final rinse cycle, dry as usual, and enjoy allergy-free laundry through the next 4 washings.

Fragrance free and biodegradable, it works by deconstructing the protein particles that make up all indoor contaminants. No amount of washing or bleaching can get rid of them. But Easy Air Laundry Rinse can. Strong enough for even the dirtiest work clothes. Safe enough for baby blankets and diapers.

They’re tiny protein particles shed by all living creatures. Dust and mites create them. So do our pets. Their fur, dander, saliva, urine, and feathers can lead to respiratory congestion, sinus pressure and headaches, even irritating skin rashes in sensitive adults and children. Our own bodies produce these allergens, too, in the form of perspiration and dead skin cells.

The most common indoor allergy symptoms are like bad cold symptoms: puffy red eyes, tearing and burning, runny nose, sneezing, coughing and upper respiratory congestion. Bad headaches and sinus pressure can also occur.  In more extreme cases, symptoms can also include itchy skin, shortness of breath, exhaustion, and joint pain.

Doctors think that heredity plays a role. They also think that prolonged exposure to a lot of allergens will eventually provoke allergies in anyone. That’s why people sometimes develop allergies later in life. Studies also show that children living around high levels of indoor allergens are 5 times more likely to develop asthma. By removing these allergens from all washable fabrics, Easy Air Rinse helps prevent problems before they start.

Allergy symptoms vary from person to person. Some suffer only slightly; others live in constant misery. You’ll know it’s time to use more Easy Air Rinse when symptoms start to recur. Every 16-oz bottle treats 8 full laundry loads. You can ensure longer-lasting protection and earn volume discount with the32-oz REFILL bottle.

Absolutely! Every home collects BILLIONS of indoor allergens. They float through the air and enter through open doors and windows, even through heating and cooling systems. Once inside, they cling to your mattress, pillows, upholstery, rugs and carpets. A light mist of the Easy Air Allergy Relief Spray instantly destroys them. And protects your home for up to a month. Together, Easy Air Laundry Rinse and Spray are a complete indoor allergy relief system. Buy them separately, in economical Refill bottles, or as a Combo-Pack (which includes a 16-oz. bottle of each, Rinse and Spray).

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