Sea Buckthorn, the Wonder Herb!

Sea Buckthorn, the Wonder Herb!

Surf the internet for even 10 minutes and you’ll discover the almost unbelievable promise of Sea Buckthorn.

While U.S. researchers have yet to investigate the health benefits of this rugged herb, a number of European and Asian institutions have made a lot of headway. And their findings are impressive.

For example, when applied topically, Sea Buckthorn becomes nothing less than miraculous skincare. Studies show that it can improve eczema, soothe acne, and combat adult rosacea. Because it appears to stimulate collagen production, beauty experts also use it in cream form to eliminate fine lines and wrinkles, and restore elasticity to aging skin. New moms claim it even eliminates their postpartum stretch marks.

Sea Buckthorn has also been shown to improve cardiovascular, liver, and brain function. Teas brewed from its leaves and flowers have helped improve blood pressure and lower cholesterol. Ease heartburn. Relieve constipation. Heal ulcers. And contribute to healthy bowels. Gel caps of oil from its bitter berries have eased pain from arthritis and gout. Even relieved dry eye syndrome.

Add to that, this natural dietary supplement may also offer powerful fat-burning properties. On his nationally syndicated television show, Dr. Oz reported on a study that suggests Sea Buckthorn signals to the body that it should stop storing unnecessary fat. And the pounds fall off with less rigorous dieting.

Dubbed the dietary supplement for “urogenital health,” Sea Buckthorn also appears to reverse vaginal dryness. Whatever the cause – stress, exhaustion, pregnancy, breastfeeding, certain medical conditions, and certainly menopause – intimate dryness is more than just uncomfortable. It can be dangerous because natural feminine moisture works as antibacterial protection for women. Without it, they become vulnerable to irritation and infection down-under. After just a month of taking two Sea Buckthorn oil capsules, twice daily, one post-menopausal woman explains that she felt a definite difference. And after three months, she felt virtually “back to normal.”

Of course, it’s good to be cautious. But it’s hard to imagine that so much research could be bogus. So a daily dose of up to 500 mg in capsule form might be worth a try!

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