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Crème De La Femme puts you in charge of the relief you need for vaginal irritation and intimate dryness. If minor problems happen only during intercourse, then apply externally, just before sex. If menopause and estrogen changes are creating frequent vaginal itching and painful intercourse, then apply internally, every day, with the slender applicator.

Enjoy silky-sheer feminine moisture at any age! This 24-Pack saves you over $165 off the regular price and includes 6 FREE travel-size. No alcohol to burn you. No water or glycerin to cause yeast infection. Not made with hormones, alcohol, glycerin, dynes or fragrances. A little does a lot. Money Back Guarantee. FDA cleared.


Crème De La Femme vaginal dryness cream adds temporary, sheer moisture to intimate tissue. Perfect at any age, during every phase of feminine health, from a woman’s 20s, into her midlife and beyond. Temporary relief of vaginal menopause dryness. Vaginal dryness from birth control pills, extreme exercise, frequent exposure to chlorine, or an eating disorder. Vaginal Dryness during pregnancy or while breastfeeding. Vaginal dryness associated with ovarian dysfunction. Vaginal dryness during (and after) cancer therapy. A sensuous sex lubricant, making intercourse more comfortable for both partners. Will not interfere with prescription drugs. Apply as needed. Not recommended for use with condoms. Results are not guaranteed and may vary from person to person.


Pharmaceutical grade (USP) mineral oil, petrolatum, ceresin and paraffin. Contains no parabens, alcohol, dyes or glycerin.

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Want temporary, hormone-free vaginal dryness relief? Formulated by a woman doctor, Crème de la Femme is a natural oil-based vaginal moisturizer. And one of the best over-the-counter personal lubricants. It can be applied as often as you like, adding sheer feminine moisture that lasts for hours.

Use it daily to moisturize intimate tissue and keep it feeling more comfortable, or use it just occasionally – anytime you want to add extra creamy feminine softness. You can apply externally after bath or shower. Or use it internally with the slender applicator that comes with each full-size tube.

Hormone-free. Chemical-free. Fragrance-free. Paraben-free. Alcohol and glycerin free. Never runs. Never sticky. Safe to use as often as needed.


What is Crème de la Femme?
What are the causes of vaginal dryness?
How does Crème de la Femme work?
How often should Crème de la Femme be used?
What are the ingredients in Crème de la Femme?
Who formulated Crème de la Femme?
Can Crème de la Femme cause vaginal infection?
Will Crème de la Femme interfere with prescription drugs?
Can Crème de la Femme be used with condoms?
Is oral sex dangerous when using Crème de la Femme?

What is Crème de la Femme?
Crème de la Femme is an all-natural vaginal lubricant. Developed by a woman doctor and trusted by women for over 30 years, it is a luxurious yet ultra-sheer vaginal cream that leaves protective, silky moisture on intimate tissue – giving instant relief from uncomfortable vaginal dryness, no matter why it happens.

What are the causes of vaginal dryness?
Anytime a woman’s estrogen hormone level gets too low, the result is vaginal dryness. If delicate intimate tissue stays dry too long, it can become painful. Over time, vaginal irritation and infection can occur. Estrogen can diminish for many reasons. Menopause is the most common cause. So by age 50, more than 80% of women are beginning to live with uncomfortable dryness. But low estrogen can happen earlier so the other common reasons for vaginal dryness include breastfeeding, extreme exhaustion or prolonged stress, chemotherapy, ovarian dysfunction, birth control pills and even eating disorders.

How does Crème de la Femme work?
It works a lot like a rich, luxurious facial moisturizer. It protects tissue with an ultra-thin layer of “fluid-film” lubrication and slows down the vaginal atrophy (tissue shrinkage) that is a normal part of aging. Of course, only prescription hormone can replenish estrogen. In recent years, however, concern over the medical risks associated with traditional hormone replacement therapy (HRT) has led to new, innovative approaches. Crème de la Femme is one of them – because it relieves dryness without relying on hormone additives, harsh ingredients or parabens.

How often should Crème de la Femme be used?
Because Crème de la Femme is made exclusively from natural ingredients, it can be applied as often as desired. For all-day comfort, some women apply it externally after their bath or shower. Others prefer to use the thin applicator that comes sealed in every box, to apply the lubricant internally. You will probably want to apply daily, at least initially, to replenish moisture and stop vaginal irritation. Eventually, you may find that you can use less lubricant, less often. In addition, most women re-apply before intercourse. Crème de la Femme is self-cleansing, so it leaves no messy residue and never requires follow-up douching.

What are the ingredients in Crème de la Femme?
Crème de la Femme is a blend of extremely pure, pharmaceutical-grade mineral oil, petrolatum, paraffin and ceresin. So Crème de la Femme is an oil-based vaginal lubricant that remains semi-solid at room temperature. Then the instant it touches warm skin, it melts into silky moisture. Unlike other vaginal lubricants, Crème de la Femme contains no alcohol, dyes or glycerin. All ingredients used in the formula are FDA monographed and registered.

Who formulated Crème de la Femme?
Marilynn Pratt, MD, spent over five years developing and testing Crème de la Femme. She started the project because so many of her own patients complained about menopausal vaginal dryness and the need for a safe, elegant remedy. Since 1986, when Dr. Pratt introduced the product to the general public, countless women nationwide have come to depend on it.

Can Crème de la Femme cause vaginal infection?
No. In fact, Crème de la Femme actually helps protect against yeast infection. Here’s why: most vaginal lubricants are water-based products and water is a breeding ground for yeast. Because Crème de la Femme is an oil-based lubricant, it moisturizes without contributing to yeast growth. In addition, because it’s oil-based, it doesn’t run or dry up fast. Protection lasts for hours, lowering your risk of abrasion, bladder infection & vaginal irritation. Finally, because Crème de la Femme contains no glycerin (a form of sugar), it is safe even for women with diabetes and other blood sugar variances. Put simply, Crème de la Femme never exposes women to the dangers associated with of some lubricants.

Will Crème de la Femme interfere with prescription drugs?
Because it is not a drug, Crème de la Femme does not interfere with the efficacy of any prescription drug. It can be used by women undergoing chemotherapy. It is safe to use while taking birth control pills. Many women on traditional hormone replacement therapy, and even bio-identical hormones, still combat a degree of vaginal dryness. They too can use Crème de la Femme for some extra, soothing relief.

Can Crème de la Femme be used with condoms?
Crème de la Femme can be safely used with polyurethane or natural lamb’s skin condoms. It is not recommended for use with latex condoms because the oils in the lubricant can deteriorate the latex.

Is oral sex dangerous when using Crème de la Femme?
Absolutely not! Crème De La Femme has no flavor, so your partner won’t taste anything. Because it’s an oil-based lubricant, he might feel a slightly oily residue sensation. But there is nothing in the product that is dangerous, even if swallowed in small amounts.


"I would not want to live without it. I was put on estrogen cream and six weeks later ended up in the ER with extremely high blood pressure. At that point I was told to get off the estrogen cream and then suffered from itching & dryness. I researched alternatives, found Crème de la Femme and have used it since with NO side effects whatsoever, only relief. I'm a satisfied customer forever."

"Crème de la Femme is a fantastic product! It's natural and effective with no nasty side effects! Makes the best things in life comfortable again!"

"I've been using Crème de la Femme for over a year now and it is great. Even my OB/GYN cannot believe the difference."

"Very light and smooth. Never sticky. It's exactly what I was hoping for."

"It's the world's best cream for dryness. I used Replens before finding this product. Love it!"

DOCTOR: "Crème de la Femme is a miracle for patients of virtually any age. It works very well for dryness due to oral contraceptives. It's equally effective in soothing dryness due to peri- and post-menopause. Congratulations on your product!"

"This is the best vaginal moisturizer I've ever used. It does everything it claims to do and more."

"I can't even imagine life without this product!"

DOCTOR: "May I get another box of Crème de la Femme samples and brochures? I am almost out! I have been giving these away like crazy."

"The box promises silky moisture and that's exactly what it gives me."

"Initially, my gynecologist gave me a sample and encouraged me to try it. From the first application, I knew that Crème de la Femme was exceptional. It didn't run like other lubricants do. It never feels sticky. Really, you don't even realize it's there until you need it and then what a difference it makes!"

PHARMACIST: "Once women use it, they insist on it and will settle for nothing else of its kind from the pharmacy shelf."

"After the birth of my first baby it really helped relieve uncomfortable dryness. I love it and my husband does, too."

"My doctor gave me a sample of Crème de la Femme and it worked in 1 hour! I have suffered with dryness for months at a time and have spent hundreds of dollars on various lubricants. But when I tried Crème de la Femme, it actually worked."

"I really like this product! And the travel size is great to have in my purse when I need it during the day."

DOCTOR: "I recommend Crème de la Femme to many of my patients and am consistently pleased with the response."

"I tried a few lubricants but disliked all the chemical ingredients. Then my nurse practitioner suggested Crème de la Femme. I tried it and now rely on it. I would never use anything else. It's exactly what I was looking for."

DOCTOR: "As a physician I can attest to the fact that Crème de la Femme is sensually superb and esthetically superior to other lubricants."

PHARMACIST: "We've carried Crème de la Femme at the pharmacy for many years with very high customer appreciation. We recommend it and will continue to do so because it really works."

DOCTOR: "Crème de la Femme is a miracle for my patients with dryness!"

"It's always soothing. It never irritates me in the least. I use it frequently."

"I was diagnosed by my gynecologist with vaginal atrophy and now use a low dose estrogen cream weekly. Still, it doesn't always provide enough moisture so it's great to know I can use Crème de la Femme anytime I need it!"

"It feels totally natural and sex is wonderful again!"

"Crème de la Femme is by far the best lubricant I've found. It's perfect for the mature woman who's still sexually active."

DOCTOR: "I've found that Crème de la Femme is extremely effective for my menopausal patients who have previously suffered urinary tract infections associated with intercourse."

"I want you to know how pleased I am with Crème de la Femme. Earlier today, I felt a little uncomfortable so I applied some and was amazed! Immediately, I felt so much better."

"I love Crème de la Femme! I had tried everything and given up hope until I found your miracle cream!"

"After many months of searching for a solution to my discomfort, this product restored a natural feeling. I think all moms should tell their daughters about this product for their future reference."

"It is all natural and this is what I like best about this product."

DOCTOR: "I was somewhat hesitant to suggest Crème de la Femme because I've always told my patients to avoid any lubricant that is not water soluble. Nevertheless, I have offered it to several of our patients and their response has been quite positive (even enthusiastic) and despite my concerns, your product has not yet resulted in any increase in vaginal infections. So please send me additional samples and brochures!"

"I've tried similar products but none of them compare with Crème de la Femme."

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