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Dr. Marilyn Pratt who developed Crème de la Femme vaginal dryness relief cream

The History of a Sex Lubricant and the Doctor Who Created It

When it’s time to get serious about a woman’s intimate moisturizer, consider the doctor-formulated vaginal dryness cream!

Who created this cream?

Her name is Dr. Marilyn Pratt, and she first developed Crème de la Femme in a California laboratory over 35 years ago.

Today thousands of women nationwide trust her silky sheer gel-cream formula. Pharmacists recommend it. Doctors encourage their patients to use it.

Dr. Pratt’s patients asked for her help.

Dr. Pratt’s own patients gave her the idea for a truly effective vaginal dryness cream.

Founder of the Los Angeles Women’s Institute & Health Center, she often heard them complain about uncomfortable vaginal dryness. And failed attempts to relieve it with runny, gooey products that dried up too fast.

Many of those women were dealing with menopausal vaginal dryness. In other words, the decrease in vaginal moisture that happens naturally, when estrogen levels fall too low.

Some lived with only occasional irritation. Others suffered from chronic discomfort, inflammation, bleeding, and infection. Sex was painful for them (and often for their partners, too).

What made Dr. Pratt’s formula so special?

Crème De La Femme was unique from the start – mostly because of the ingredients that were NOT added to the product.

Of course, there are many causes of vaginal dryness. And many products on the market that promise relief. Sadly, some expose women to very real (and sometimes serious) health dangers.

As a result, Dr. Pratt insisted on a few absolutes for her doctor formulated vaginal dryness cream. For example, she absolutely knew her product should not contain:

  1. Glycerin because it can be dangerous for women with diabetes and other blood sugar conditions.
  2. What’s more, glycerin promotes the growth of yeast. (This helps explain why so many women feel itchy and uncomfortable very soon after using a feminine moisturizer or sex lubricant.)
  3. Alcohol or dyes because they would make the product drying. Even if it initially felt slippery, she knew these ingredients would actually worsen dryness, not relieve it.
  4. Hormones because they’re unhealthy, too. Many studies had already linked them to increased risk of female cancers. Her cream had to be safe even for women with a history of such cancers and women currently in treatment.
  5. Paraben and other harsh chemicals, which had also been found dangerous to women’s health.

So Dr. Pratt decided to create something better.

She wanted a sheer, hormone-free, unscented vaginal cream. It had to hold together long enough to be applied, but then turn to silky moisture the second it touched vaginal skin. She also wanted a self-cleansing formula, one that would never leave a messy residue or require follow-up douching.

Dr. Pratt knew that the only real solution was to be an oil-based lubricant. But at that time, many physicians worried that an oil product might block vaginal pores and cause infection.

Determined to settle the question once and for all, she thoroughly examined thousands of professional journal articles. She did not find even one that linked oil-based lubricants to vaginal irritation or infection.

Her dream of a safe, effective, elegant doctor-formulated vaginal dryness cream had almost come true!

Next came a 3-year clinical trial.

Confident in her formulation, Dr. Pratt began testing her cream on any of her own patients who wanted to try it. Most chose to get involved. And almost all of them loved it!

What’s more, over the course of the 3-year test period, not a single case of subsequent vaginal infection was reported. In fact, Crème de la Femme actually lowered women’s risk because it protected delicate tissue from irritation and resulting infection.

Furthermore, Crème’s ultra-sheer layer of moisture actually insulated vaginal tissue. And prevented trauma from intercourse. As a result, it actually lowered the rate of bladder infection among users.

So what’s not to like?

After more than 35 years on the market, Crème de la Femme has far exceeded Dr. Pratt’s expectations. Women love its totally natural texture, so subtle that they hardly know it’s there. Yet the silky moisture lasts for hours. Even women using bioidentical hormones say it offers just the right amount of extra moisture.

Some women use Crème only as a sex lubricant, to make intercourse more fun and comfortable. Others apply it daily. A fingertip amount, applied externally after shower or bath, is sometimes adequate. However the product can be applied internally, with an accompanying applicator.

The bottom line: this doctor-formulated vaginal dryness cream is safe. It’s a luxurious way for women to treat themselves well. And it’s designed for all women, no matter their age or medical history!

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