Menopause: Top Cause
of Vaginal Dryness

Did you know that intimate dryness is a more common problem for women than yeast or bladder infection? It’s true.

As you read this, 4 out of 5 American women are living with uncomfortable itching, irritation, and “vaginal atrophy” (which means thinning and inflammation of vaginal tissue caused by too little natural lubrication.) That lack of moisture happens when a woman’s estrogen level falls too low.

Menopause Definitely Causes Vaginal Atrophy.

Although there are many causes for decreased estrogen and the feminine dryness that inevitably follows, menopause is absolutely the most common cause.

During peri-menopause (the years when a woman’s periods become irregular) and definitely after menopause (when a woman has not had a period for 12 consecutive months), estrogen drops dramatically. So by age 50, virtually all women are living with at least noticeable and sometimes painful vaginal dryness.

Dryness Can Start Before Age 50.

Other reasons for vaginal dryness include frequent douching, birth control pills and even eating disorders – all of which can occur much earlier in a woman’s life. By age 40, more than half of all women are experiencing irritating dryness. And 35% of all women under 30 say that they also live with uncomfortable dryness and pain during intercourse. Even those using bioidentical hormones can find themselves feeling just a little less comfortable than they would like. Yet, experts say, less than one-third of all women ever speak with their doctor about dryness or products to relieve it.

Don’t Make a Bad Purchase.

Not knowing how to find safe and effective relief, many women turn to over-the-counter vaginal creams. Unfortunately, most of them are water-based products containing alcohol, glycerin – or both. These unhealthy ingredients expose some women to very real health dangers. And they can actually worsen dryness instead of soothing it.

Want Natural Relief?

Fortunately, all-natural vaginal moisturizers and lubricants are available. Among the best is Crème de la Femme, formulated by a woman doctor and recommended by physicians, pharmacists and nurse practitioners nationwide.

  • Crème de la Femme is an oil-based, hormone-free lubricant that offers all-natural relief from vaginal dryness and protects delicate tissue from irritation and infection.
  • Crème de la Femme is silky-sheer, unscented and contains no toxic additives, alcohol, dyes or fragrances. So it never burns and has no harmful side effects.
  • Crème de la Femme contains no glycerin, so it’s safe for women with diabetes as well as those prone to yeast infections.
  • Crème de la Femme eliminates painful friction during intercourse.

What’s the Takeaway?

Crème de la Femme provides soothing relief from vaginal dryness, no matter why it happens, and serves as a safe and effective sexual lubricant without exposing women to the dangers of some other over-the-counter creams.