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cute alert kitten resting on indoor stairs

5-Step Plan for Natural Cat Allergy Relief

Cat allergy remedies seem to pop up everywhere nowadays. No surprise, really, because cat allergies are VERY common. Twice as common as dog allergies.

In fact, if you are allergic to anything, then you have about a 30% chance of being allergic to cats, too.

What Causes Cat Allergies?

A tiny protein allergen called Fel d1 is the actual cause of cat allergies. Invisible to the human eye, Fel d1 is produced mostly by glands underneath the cat’s skin. (But Fel d1 is also found in cat saliva, urine, feces, fur, and dander.) Cats shed the allergen constantly, and unknowingly contaminate homes for those with cat allergies.

Experts know that adorable little kittens provoke symptoms just like grown cats. Doctors also know that cat allergies are “cumulative.” In other words, prolonged exposure to cats will eventually cause allergic reactions even in mildly susceptible people. Finally, physicians worry about cat allergies because they can lead to chronic asthma and irreversible lung damage.

Can I Get Rid of the Fel d1 Around Me?

No, you can never get rid of it completely. Fel d1 protein allergens are so small and lightweight that they become airborne the second they leave a cat’s body. Within minutes they can travel many yards. (That’s why you can suffer with symptoms even if you don’t own a cat!) Because they’re sticky, they cling to any fabric surface — upholstery, clothing, even towels and bed linen. From there, they are inhaled or absorbed through human skin pores.

The resulting symptoms vary. The most common are puffy, red eyes that tear and burn, runny nose and sneezing. Less common symptoms can include coughing, headache, itchy skin, rashes, exhaustion, shortness of breath, or even joint pain.

Aware that you can never be 100% successful, aim to reduce the amount of Fed d1 in your home. Because reducing it will probably offer real relief. There are various cat allergy remedies available. The most effective, of course, is to give up your pet cat(s). But for loving owners, that’s never going to fly. So decide to keep your pet but create a plan that lets you reduce the amount allergen the animal leaves behind. And stick with it.

NATURAL Cat Allergy Remedies

Use an indoor allergen neutralizer. Always choose a natural formula. Unlike toxic chemical sprays and shampoos, these herbal cat allergy remedies work without exposing you (or your pet) to dangerous substances. Easy Air Organic Allergy Relief Spray and Organic Allergy Relief Laundry Rinse are excellent examples of natural solutions. Both these liquid formulas instantly destroy cat allergens. It’s like taking dangerous boulders and crumbling them into harmless rubble. They work instantly, and benefits last for weeks.

Neuter your cat. Non-neutered males produce the highest levels of this allergen. So “fix” your guy. And, by the way, a number of studies also show that spaying sharply lowers Fel d1 levels in female cats.

Shampoo your cat. The animal will still produce Fel d1, but bathing dramatically lowers the allergen level in your home. On average, a weekly bath by a neighborhood groomer will eliminate nearly half the allergen in your home or apartment.

Change the litter box frequently. Cat allergens come from your pet’s urine and solid waste, so place the litter box in your garage (or a room that can be vented to the outside). And change the litter every other day.

Moisten your pet’s fur before daily grooming. The moisture will help deactivate allergens, and daily combing will definitely get rid of more. (If you are allergic, always wear a dust-filtering mask when brushing or combing the pet.)

Use a HEPA (High Efficient Particle Air) vacuum at least once a week and a HEPA air purifier daily. Together, they will eliminate a lot more cat allergens.

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