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natural remedies arthritis pain for arthritic hands

5 Natural Remedies for Arthritis Pain (That Don't Cost A Lot!)

“Arthritis” is an umbrella term for more than 100 different disorders. Some are more serious than others, but all of them cause stiff, swollen, painful joints. Over 50 million Americans suffer with chronic arthritis pain, and a new case is diagnosed every 33 seconds. While the risk of developing the disease increases with age, nearly 60 percent of arthritis pain sufferers are under 65.

Traditional (and Sometimes Dangerous) Treatments for Arthritis 

Over-the-counter pain pills have long been the most popular approach to arthritis pain relief. Aspirin is usually the first medicine that people try. Sadly, the body gets accustomed to aspirin and soon needs twice as much to get the same relief. This can be dangerous because aspirin can have serious side effects, from stomach ulcers to intestinal inflammation or even liver damage. Unfortunately, prescription drugs are no better because they too can have serious side effects. And they’re addictive.

Taking it easy may sound appealing when your bones ache but staying sedentary is a mistake. In fact, moving around is essential. Research shows that both endurance and resistance exercise contribute to arthritis pain relief.

Exercise also helps with weight control which is important in managing arthritis pain. Some experts actually claim you can prevent arthritis by maintaining a healthy body weight. And if you already have the disease, remember that every pound you lose means 4 pounds of pressure off each knee, with every step.

Of All Natural Remedies, Arthritis Responds Best to Which Ones?

With so many natural arthritis pain treatments to choose from, it pays to do some research before making a purchase (or getting your hopes too high). In the meantime, here are 5 well-researched options…

Use a topical menthol analgesic. These products won’t cure arthritis pain, but they can offer fast, powerful, temporary relief. Really good ones, like Premiere’s Pain Spray Mist or Roll-On, can offer all-natural relief that lasts for hours, with no harmful side effects. 

Take a good omega-3. Numerous studies suggest that this dietary supplement can help the body tip toward an anti-inflammatory state. That reduces swollen joint pain. (If you’re on blood-thinners, always check with your doctor before starting any supplement program.)

Check out Hypnotherapy. Studies show that over 75% of arthritis pain sufferers get significant pain relief from hypnosis. Modern hypnotherapists use it primarily to help patients distinguish between the pain itself and their fear of that pain. The reported result is better coping skills surrounding the overall arthritis pain experience.

Join a Tai Chi Class. This slow-motion martial art offers many health benefits. That helps explain why most Americans who practice tai chi do it for a health reason, including the search for arthritis pain relief.  Tai chi movements are low-impact, so your joints don’t get over-stressed. Plus, they stimulate production of the slippery fluid between bones that allows them to glide painlessly against each other.

Try Hydrotherapy. This can amount to specific exercises done in a warm water pool. Or just soaking in a warm bathtub.  Studies show that it can make joints looser, reduce swelling and inflammation, and improve circulation. No need to soak a long time. Experts say you gain maximum benefit after 20 minutes. Don’t use water hotter than 100 degrees. Expect relief to last for hours.

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