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Top 8 Reasons Why Women Use Vaginal Lubricants

Top 8 Reasons Why Women Use Vaginal Lubricants

Do you ever wonder about the reasons women use vaginal lubricants and moisturizers?

Maybe you don’t — because research finds that a majority of American women have used one. If you’re one of them, then you already know why. (Or at least you know one of the reasons.)

The Biggest of All Reasons Women Use Vaginal Lubricants

First and foremost, a recent survey of American women (ages 18-68) finds that most users don’t rely on feminine creams and moisturizers because because they NEED them.

Instead, the Number 1 reason women use vaginal lubricants is because they make sex more fun. 

Nevertheless, 1 in 5 users say they actually need a lubricant to relieve painful vaginal dryness.

That dryness is caused by a lack of estrogen, that wonderful female hormone that does so much for you. It plays a part in everything from flawless skin to perky breasts and, when you need it, natural moisture down under.

Anytime your body makes too little estrogen, all those benefits start to diminish.

So Women in Menopause Can Actually NEED a Vaginal Cream

When asked, most women say they feel feminine dryness at least sometimes. That’s because during their monthly menstrual cycles women experience more (and less) estrogen-rich days.

But with menopause comes a very sharp estrogen drop. And vaginal dryness inevitably happens.

By age 50, virtually every woman is feeling slight to moderate dryness. Over time, that minor irritation can turn into real discomfort. Or even infection.

So that’s the second major reason why women use vaginal lubricants: to help protect delicate, thinning tissue during (and after) menopause.

Other Reasons Women Use Vaginal Lubricants

Other than sexual pleasure and menopause dryness, the reasons women use vaginal lubricants are usually linked to their lifestyle choices or medications they may be taking. For example…

  1. Birth control pills certainly diminish estrogen. And reduce natural lubrication. (BTW: this side effect can last for at least 6 months after you stop taking the pill.)
  2. Harsh soaps, douches, and perfumed feminine hygiene sprays can also dry vaginal tissue.
  3. Pregnancy and breastfeeding lower a woman’s estrogen level, leaving her more open to dryness.
  4. Swimming pool and hot tub chemicals are extremely drying.
  5. Allergy and cold medications (as well as some antidepressants) dry mucous membranes, including vaginal tissue.
  6. Chemotherapy drugs often leave women feeling uncomfortably “sticky” and dry.

Learn to Shop Smart

So the question for many women today is not whether to use a lubricant. It’s how to choose the right one. Some products contain ingredients that can actually cause irritation. And a few can even pose health dangers to some women. For example:

— Water-based moisturizers are preferable when using latex condoms, because oil-based lubricants can weaken the latex.

–However water-based lubricants feel wet and cold when applied. Even worse, they usually contain alcohol. And alcohol will dry and irritate thinning vaginal tissue.

— That means, for regular use, an oil-based lubricant may be the better choice (along with lambskin or polyurethane condoms).

— Don’t use any product that contains glycerin because it can encourage yeast to grow. That’ why so many women feel itchy and uncomfortable soon after using a sex lubricant. Furthermore, glycerin is a form of sugar, which can be dangerous to women with diabetes or other blood sugar issues.

A Botanical Product is Best

If possible, choose an all-natural lubricant like Crème de la Femme. Formulated by a woman doctor, it’s blended with 100% pharmaceutical-grade oils. It’s contains no chemical additives of any kind. It’s completely hormone-free, paraben-free, glycerin-free, and fragrance free.

Ultimately, there are many reasons women use vaginal lubricants. And for all of them, Crème offers a safe, effective, natural solution.

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