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8 Smart Skincare Tips for Guys

Yes, proper men’s skincare really IS unique. Guys enjoy some natural advantages — and some particular challenges — when caring for their face. To look good, men need to learn how their skin “works,” and choose the right products for their skin type.

Men’s Skincare, Guys Enjoy A Natural Advantage

No doubt about it, men can maintain a great complexion with much less effort than women. There are several reasons for this, including…

A man’s face has a tighter network of fatty tissue. It also has more elastin fibers, the connective tissue that gives skin strength and elasticity. This means a man’s facial skin is about 25% thicker than a woman’s. And thicker skin does a better job of resisting wrinkles.

Facial hair helps men, too. For one thing, by acting as a facial support structure, their hair follicles help prevent wrinkling. In addition, facial hair glands produce oil, which helps trap moisture. That keeps male skin well-hydrated and more youthful.

Male skin makes more collagen than a woman’s. That matters because the more collagen in your face, the fewer fine lines and wrinkles you develop. And the less “tissue laxity” (sagginess) you experience.

All that collagen helps men look young longer. Both genders lose about 1% of their collagen per year, starting around age 30. But in women the loss really escalates after menopause, creating more visible signs of aging.

But now, the Bad News About Men’s Skincare

Of course, nothing is perfect. So let’s review the “cons” of guy skin…

Men are not as sun-savvy as women. They tend not to use adequate sunscreen protection, and generally experience a lot more UV damage.

Acne is often worse, and lasts longer, in men. (The down side of that oil in their skin.) They also have larger pores than women. So dirt, environmental contaminants, and natural oils go deeper down into their skin. This leaves men more prone to blackheads and whiteheads, even into their 30s and 40s.

Shaving also causes problems. Loaded with thick, greasy ingredients, many shaving creams further block pores and contain harsh chemicals that can create irritation and breakout.

8 Tips for Successful Male Skincare

Let’s face it, most guys like a fast and easy skincare regimen. So let’s boil it down to the basics.

1: Purchase Safe Products. That means you must avoid dangerous ingredients. (And there a lot of them out there.) High prices and fancy packaging don’t guarantee safety. So educate yourself and buy smart.

2: Cleanse! If you do nothing else, cleanse twice daily. Don’t use gritty scrubs because they can strip away essential moisture. Try a natural cleanser, like La Vie en C Facial Cleanser, to remove grime while preserving healthy oils.

3: Never shave against the grain. Gliding a razor against the grain of your skin nicks hair follicles below the surface of your face, creating inflammation. So shave in the direction that feels smooth, with one shaving stroke on each section of your face.

4: Shave wet skin. You might even consider shaving in the shower. That’s when facial hair is softest and easiest to shave without causing razor burn.

5: Moisturize daily. This is true at any age – and it’s crucial for keeping mature skin healthy. If moisturizers leave a sheen you don’t like…

6: Use a serum instead. Serums contain no creamy ingredients to leave your face shiny. A product like La Vie en C Antioxidant Moisturizer Serum gives you an active mix of antioxidants (to revive your skin), vitamins (to boost collagen production), and skin brighteners (to diminish the look of age spots and scars).

7: Use sunscreen daily. This protects against free radicals that attack skin cells and destroy collagen. Apply every morning, using a product with an SPF rating of at least 15.

8: Avoid scented products. Fragrance can cause inflammation and redness. Also, skip products marked “Unscented” because that means a chemical has been added to mask the natural smell of the formula. What you want is “Fragrance-Free”.

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