2 Natural Remedies for Indoor Allergies

Easy Air Organic Allergy Relief Combo-Pack

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Need to fight pet allergies? Manage dust mite allergy symptoms? Organic Easy Air Combo-Pack is a complete system for allergy sufferers. Includes Allergy Relief Spray and Laundry Rinse. Together they show you how to clean allergens from home or office. And keep your washables allergy-free. Laboratory tested. Fragrance free. Safe for all ages.

Lightly mist upholstery, mattress, pillows, and carpet with Relief Spray for immediate relief for indoor allergies. Add 2-oz. Laundry Rinse to the final cycle of clothes, towels, and bed linen. Instantly, you’ll learn how to breathe easier. Plus this effective allergy treatment set saves you $5.00 OFF regular bottle pricing. Money Back Guarantee.


For temporary relief of minor indoor allergy symptoms linked to pets, dust and dust mites. Nasal congestion, sneezing, coughing, runny nose, burning eyes, scratchy throat, sinus pressure, or itchy skin. Allergy Relief Spray: Lightly mist mattress tops, pillows, carpets, rugs, draperies, upholstered furniture, automobile upholstery, pet cushions, scratching posts, and cloth toys. Laundry Rinse: Add to the final rinse cycle of clothing, bed linen, bathroom towels, pet cushions and toys. For best results, use a warm water rinse. Individual results may vary.


Both formulas in the Easy Air Organic Allergy Relief Combo-Pack are 100% biodegradable blends of deionized water, non-ionic surfactants, hypoallergenic fruit & vegetable seed extracts along with other botanical ingredients that neutralize and deconstruct dust, mite and animal allergens rendering them harmless to humans and pets.

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This unscented, organic allergy spray and laundry rinse are laboratory-tested treatments for indoor allergies and asthma symptoms. Made with 100% natural ingredients, they deconstruct the molecular structure of ALL indoor contaminants.

Use Allergy Relief Spray to treat mattress & pillows, upholstery, carpet and drapes – the places most contaminated by household allergens and most likely to be causes of indoor allergy symptoms. Benefits last up to 4 weeks. Use Allergy Relief Laundry Rinse to destroy the billions of protein allergens that cling to family clothes, towels and bedding. Great for hand-washables, too. Benefits last through 4 laundry cycles.

Use both products to destroy BILLIONS of allergy-causing contaminants. These invisibly small protein allergens float through the air and constantly make their way indoors. Then, because they’re sticky, they cling to fiber surfaces. That’s one reason for the EPA warning, that our homes are the most allergic places in the nation! Protect your home with this money-saving combo.


What is the Easy Air Organic Anti-Allergy Combo Pack?
How does the Easy Air Combo Pack work?
What exactly are "indoor allergens"?
What are the symptoms of indoor allergies?
What causes asthma & indoor allergies?
How often should the Easy Air Combo Pack be used?

What is the Easy Air Organic Anti-Allergy Combo Pack?
This unique 2-formula Combo Pack is a laboratory-tested treatment for "indoor allergies" and asthma symptoms. Some people who suffer from these conditions are reacting to indoor dust. Others have dog allergies, dust mite allergy or cat allergy. Many suffer for years without pinpointing the real reason for their symptoms! That’s because environmental “allergens” are invisible and airborne, constantly floating indoors through doors, windows, ventilation systems and piping. No amount of cleaning or disinfecting can get rid of them. Little wonder the EPA has issued a warning – that American homes are the most allergy-provoking places in the country! Used regularly, the dual action power of the Easy Air Combo Pack can offer relief, turning your home or office into an Allergy-Free Zone for up to 4 weeks.

How does the Easy Air Combo Pack work?
The Combo Pack instantly stops symptoms by deconstructing the molecular structure of ALL “protein allergens” that cause them. It’s like taking a deadly boulder and crumbling it into harmless rubble. Made with 100% organic ingredients, the Combo Pack is an all-natural alternative to caustic pesticides and other harsh allergy relief products.

What exactly are "indoor allergens"?
They’re the invisibly small protein particles shed by all living creatures. Dust and dust mites are major culprits. So are "pet residuals" (fur, dander, saliva, urine, feces and feathers) that provoke dog allergies and cat allergy symptoms. Even our own bodies produce these allergens, in the form of perspiration and dead skin cells which we shed continuously, day and night. All these contaminants can provoke allergy and asthma symptoms.

What are the symptoms of indoor allergies?
The most common indoor allergy symptoms are like bad cold symptoms: puffy or red eyes, tearing and burning, runny nose, sneezing, coughing and upper respiratory congestion. Bad headaches and sinus pressure can also be symptoms. In more extreme cases, however, symptoms can also include itchy skin and rashes, shortness of breath, extreme exhaustion and even serious joint pain.

What causes asthma & indoor allergies?
Frankly, there are many causes of indoor allergies. Scientists think that heredity plays a role. If both your parents have allergies, there’s a 50% chance you will, too. And you have a 25% chance if only one of your parents is allergic. Experts also think that prolonged exposure to high levels of allergens can eventually provoke allergies in anyone. That’s why people sometimes develop allergies later in life. Studies also show that healthy children living in homes with high levels of dust mites are 500% more likely to develop asthma. By clearing the air of contaminating allergens, the Easy Air Combo Pack helps you prevent this problem before it starts and lowers your child’s risk of developing asthma.

How often should the Easy Air Combo Pack be used?
Asthma and indoor allergy symptoms vary tremendously. Some people suffer only slightly; others live with extreme symptoms. You’ll know it’s time to "re-apply" to rooms and washables when symptoms start to recur. Every 16-oz bottle of Easy Air Organic Allergy Relief Spray treats up to 250 square feet of indoor space and stays effective for up to 4 weeks. Each 16-oz bottle of Easy Air Organic Laundry Rinse offers 8 full laundry loads of protection; and fabrics stay allergen-free through at least 2 washings.


"We ordered Easy Air for the first time shortly after my wife was diagnosed with a dust mite allergy. We'd already stripped the carpeting out of our house, purchased a mattress cover for the bed, cleaned the house and all our sheets in scalding hot water. But nothing compared to the relief she got from Easy Air."

"My doctor said I had to get rid of my cats. Instead I got rid of my doctor and tried Easy Air. Now I'm living almost symptom-free with my three stooges: Moe, Larry, and Curly."

"I purchase this product regularly just to be safe from mites. Even though I clean regularly, this product makes me feel more protected. Thank you."

"My house was literally making me sick. Thank heaven for Easy Air. It's given me back my life."

"My grandson couldn't even stay with me because his allergies would get so bad. Now I can spray and wash with Easy Air before he arrives and we don't have any problems."

"I've been using Easy Air Laundry Rinse for about a year. Every other anti-mite solution I tried produced an overpowering, toxic odor and regardless of what any of them cost, my wife would just throw them out as soon as she got a whiff. Easy Air has a mild fragrance. It is cost effective and it WORKS. For these reasons, I am a loyal fan of the product. Thanks."

"It got to where I thought we'd have to pick between my kids' dog and my health. Fortunately, with Easy Air we can have both!"

"It seemed like all my time was spent taking antihistamines, cleansing my sinuses, clearing my throat, blowing my nose and still trying to act like a normal person even though I was MISERABLE! Easy Air has made it a lot easier. Thanks."

"Long ago I had a conversation with the man who invented Easy Air. I was really impressed with his commitment to a natural approach to dust and pet allergy relief. I've been ordering right along because his products really do work."

"I ordered the first time thinking it would be just another rip-off. Instead, this stuff made a real difference. You guys obviously know what you're doing. Keep doing it."

"The worst thing about having allergies is that people think it's all in your head. What a relief to talk with your staff. They knew exactly what I was talking about! I always enjoy placing my orders because everybody there is so helpful."

"Easy Air really works! I have one tip, though. Tell your customers to treat their cars. I sprayed around my home and my daughter was doing great. Then we'd leave for school and by the time we got there, she was miserable again. Now I spray the car upholstery and she stays a lot more comfortable."

"I enjoy this natural approach. There are other products on the market, but I haven't found any that work this well without using harsh chemicals."

"No words can relate how grateful I am for these products. I really believe with all my heart that Easy Air will become a household name. We can give others many things, but no greater gift can be given than to help someone breathe in deeply for the first time in weeks or months. That's what Easy Air has given me."

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