Crème de la Femme

Personal Lubricant | Vaginal Cream

Price: $14.95


Creme De La FemmeCreme De La FemmeCreme De La Femme


Want temporary, hormone-free vaginal dryness relief? Formulated by a woman doctor, Crème de la Femme is a natural oil-based vaginal moisturizer. And one of the best over-the-counter personal lubricants. It can be applied as often as you like, adding sheer feminine moisture that lasts for hours.

  • Use it daily to moisturize intimate tissue and keep it feeling more comfortable.
  • Use it just occasionally – anytime you want to add extra creamy feminine softness.

You can apply externally after bath or shower. Or use it internally with the slender applicator that comes with each full-size tube.

Hormone-free. Fragrance-free. No alcohol, dyes, or glycerin. Always feels silky-soft. Never cold or runny.

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PRODUCT USES: Crème De La Femme vaginal dryness cream adds temporary, sheer moisture to intimate tissue. Perfect at any age, during every phase of feminine health, from a woman’s 20s, into her midlife and beyond. A sensuous sex lubricant, making intercourse more comfortable for both partners. Temporary relief of vaginal menopause dryness. Will not interfere with prescription drugs. Apply as needed. Not recommended for use with latex condoms. Can be used with lambskin or polyurethane condoms. Results are not guaranteed and may vary from person to person.

INGREDIENTS: Mineral oil, pharmaceutical grade (USP) petrolatum, ceresin and paraffin. Contains no parabens, alcohol, dyes or glycerin. Not recommended for use with latex condoms. Can be used with lambskin or polyurethane condoms.

Crème de la Femme Travel-Size

Price: $3.95

Pain Spray Travel Size


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