3-Pack Crème de la Femme

World’s Best Personal Lubricant

Price: $33.00 (save $11.85)


Creme De La FemmeCreme De La FemmeCreme De La Femme


Want more intimate comfort? Try our convenient Crème de la Femme 3-Pack. You’ll enjoy a 25% savings and have more of this creamy woman’s moisturizer on-hand anytime you need it.

The economical 3-Pack offers up to 15 internal applications and up to 30 external applications.

Most women deal with an uncomfortable lack of intimate moisture, at least occasionally.

  • For those who are approaching or already experiencing menopause, Crème de la Femme can offer hours of temporary, soothing relief.
  • And even before menopause, some women occasionally have days when they lack the moisture they want. Plus they can find that sex feels better when they use a personal lubricant. Again, Crème de la Femme can add a sheer, temporary layer of creamy feminine moisture.

Apply externally or internally. Never feels cold. Never runs. No follow-up douching needed.

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PRODUCT USES: Crème De La Femme adds temporary, sheer moisture to intimate tissue. Lasts for hours. Perfect for women of every age, during every phase of their feminine health. Also works well as a sex lubricant, making intercourse more comfortable for both partners. Will not interfere with prescription drugs. Can be applied as often as desired. Not recommended for use with latex condoms. Can be used with lambskin or polyurethane condoms. Results are not guaranteed and may vary from person to person.

INGREDIENTS: Mineral oil, pharmaceutical grade (USP) petrolatum, ceresin and paraffin. Contains no parabens, alcohol, dyes or glycerin. Not recommended for use with latex condoms. Can be used with lambskin or polyurethane condoms.

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