ALERT Pocket Inhaler Sample

Size: 0.125oz

Alert Pocket Inhaler is aromatherapy made easy. Inside a slender inhaler base there is a cotton spine soaked in rich essential oils that enhances physical stamina, focuses mental energy, and encourages hope.

This aromatic formula jumpstarts energy and brain power. Safe for adults, teens and children ages 5+. Non-habit forming.

  • A NATURAL STIMULANT to boost energy, improve concentration, combat exhaustion
  • ESSENTIAL OIL FORMULA THAT WORKS FAST because aromatherapy affects the brain instantly
  • COMES IN A CONVENIENT POCKET-SIZE INHALER so you can use it anywhere, anytime
  • SAFE FOR ALL AGES even children ages 5+
  • 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE on every purchase, every time, no questions asked

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