La Vie en C Facial Cleanser

Natural Vitamin C Face Soap

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La Vie Cleanser

La Vie CleanserLa Vie CleanserLa Vie Cleanser

La Vie en C Facial Cleanser can help improve your complexion using “stabilized vitamin C” – the newest breakthrough in skincare science.

  • Stimulates collagen production and diminishes visible signs of aging.
  • Exfoliates skin without stripping away healthy moisture and oil.
  • Infused with antioxidants and essential oils, it feeds your skin the nutrients it needs to look brighter, smoother and younger.

Experts have known for years that vitamin C has powerful anti-aging benefits. But until now, no one could keep it fresh and active for more than a few weeks. La Vie en C Facial Cleanser has overcome this barrier. This 100% pure facial cleanser is filled with long-lasting stabilized vitamin C and rosehip fruit extract.

Perfect for both men and women. Ideal for mature skin. Safe for those with sensitive or acne-prone skin, adult rosacea, eczema or psoriasis.

Wash morning and night using warm water. Follow with La Vie en C Moisturizer Serum.

Manufactured in small batches under the strictest quality-control. A vegetarian, 100% vegan skincare product. No phthalates or parabens. No synthetic fragrances or dyes. No oily additives to clog pores. Cruelty-free. Not tested on animals. No animal by-products.

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PRODUCT USES: Blended with a mega-dose of vitamin C, this is an age-defying facial cleanser that promotes healthier skin. By lifting away oil and dirt, it diminishes the appearance of blackheads and patchy breakout on the chin, along the hairline, or across the nose. Packed with powerful herbal ingredients that help calm the appearance of acne-prone teenage skin and adult rosacea. Infused with calming lavender and rosehip, La Vie en C Facial Cleanser soothes and moisturizes the skin after shaving to prevent razor burn and rash. Safe even for those with eczema and psoriasis.

INGREDIENTS: Distilled Water, vegetable glycerine, potassium hydroxide (used for saponification only), saponified organic coconut oil, saponified organic olive oil, Vitamin C (as ascorbic acid), Rosa canina (rosehip) seed oil & fruit extract, Matricaria recutita (chamomile) extract, d-alpha Tocopherol (Vitamin E), Rosmarinus officinalis (rosemary) extract, and Lavandula angustifolia (lavender) essential oil.

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