Headache ReLeaf Roll-On

Temporary Minor Pain Relief

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Headache Releaf

Headache ReleafHeadache ReleafHeadache Releaf

Almost half of us – adults and children – gets an occasional headache. Nearly 1 in 8 has recurring migraines. Yet only a minority of us ever speak with a doctor about headaches and even fewer ever get an official medical diagnosis.

Luckily, for some people herbal formula Headache ReLeaf Roll-On offers temporary relief from occasional, minor head pain and pressure.

A balanced blend of imported menthol crystals and 3 essential oils (peppermint, lavender and rose), Headache ReLeaf Roll-On can be a welcome addition to any household. Keep a convenient pocket-size bottle handy at home and work, in your purse, briefcase, gym bag, even the glove compartment of your car. Also makes a great gift.

Smells fantastic. Use as needed. No harmful side effects. Safe for adults, teens, and children ages 5 and up. Safe for pregnant women and nursing mothers.

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PRODUCT USES: Glide roll-on applicator gently across forehead and eyebrows, onto temples, over the back of neck and into hairline – taking care to avoid eye area. Offers temporary relief from minor headache pain and pressure from everyday tension or stress; fatigue; infrequent hangover, normal overexertion; sun, cold or wind; mild cold or flu; monthly hormone changes; occasional midlife headache. Use as needed. Safe for adults, teens, and children ages 5 and up. Safe for pregnant women and nursing mothers. Individual results may vary.

INGREDIENTS:Purified water, menthol, essential oil of French lavender (for migraine, monthly period or menopause headache), essential oil of Indian peppermint (fever, cold and flu headache as well as headache due to sinus infection, allergy, lack of sleep or mental exhaustion) and essential oil of Turkish rose (for hangover headache, sports-induced migraine or emotional upset).

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