Easy Air Organic 16-oz

Allergy Relief Laundry Rinse

Natural Medicine for Indoor Allergies

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Try Easy Air Organic Allergy Relief Laundry Rinse and discover the real meaning of clean!

For adults and children with pet or dust mite allergies, this all-organic formula offers temporary relief from symptoms like eye irritation, nasal congestion, sinus pressure, itchy skin and rashes.

  • Destroy pet allergens produced by even the cleanest dogs, cats and other animals.
  • Gets rid of allergy-causing contaminants in clothes, bed linen, blankets and towels.
  • Eliminate the microscopic allergens that stick to pet bedding, towels and fabric toys.

Just 2-oz. of Easy Air Laundry Rinse in a full load of wash relieves even the worst pet or dust mite allergy symptoms. Stop allergy sneezing. Stop runny nose and burning eyes. Stop headaches. Stop skin irritation. Protection lasts through 4 washings.

Laboratory tested. Fragrance free. Organic and biodegradable. No harmful side effects. Safe for all ages and pets. Enough formula for 8 full laundry loads.

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PRODUCT USES: Easy Air Organic Laundry Rinse destroys the microscopic protein particles (called indoor allergens) produced by dust mites and household pets. It is these allergens that provoke pet, dust, and dust mite allergy symptoms. Used regularly, it helps relieve and protect against allergy headaches, sneezing, coughing, runny nose, burning eyes, scratchy throat and itchy skin. Strong enough to decontaminate pet toys. Safe enough to use on baby blankets. Keeps all machine washables (and fine lingerie) allergy-free for weeks.

PRODUCT INGREDIENTS: Easy Air Organic Laundry Rinse is a 100% biodegradable blend of deionized water, non-ionic surfactants, hypoallergenic fruit & vegetable seed extracts along with other botanical ingredients that neutralize and deconstruct dust, mite and animal allergens rendering them harmless to humans and pets.

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