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Give Everyone Their Favorite Pain Relief

Premiere's Pain Spray Mix & Match Pack

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Original price $52.50 - Original price $420.00
Original price $420.00
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A Family-Friendly Mix & Match 

Terry got home after 18 holes of golf with neck and shoulder pain. Kim's full day of gardening has caused a bad backache. And Donnie's cheerleading rehearsal left everybody sore from head to toe.

Good thing the family medicine cabinet is filled with Premiere's Pain Spray Mix & Match.

-- Terry wants the Roll-On because it can easily reach between shoulder blades, where the pain is worst. 

-- Kim wants the Spray Mist, to avoid touching the spots that hurt.

-- Donnie wants some of each. First the Spray Mist for all-over relief; then the Roll-On for extra comfort where it aches the most.

Buy the Combo that Works for You

That's the beauty of Premiere's Pain Spray Mix & Match. You design the assortment of Spray Mist and Roll-On that works best for you.  

Great for every kind of ache or pain. From stinging sunburn to bumps and bruises, childhood boo-boos, nighttime leg cramps, muscle sprains. minor sports injuries, arthritis, swollen joints, hip pain, even menstrual cramps.  

Super-Sized Savings

To top it off, the 24-Pack Mix & Match saves you $136 off the regular bottle price. That’s nearly half off! Plus, you receive Free travel-Size. They're prefect to keep in your knapsack, purse, or glove compartment for fast on-the-go relief.


Purified water, menthol, isopropyl alcohol, glycerol, eucalyptus leaf oil, wintergreen leaf oil, peppermint oil, coconut oil. Never stains skin, clothes or bedding.


How to Use Premiere’s Pain Spray Mist or Roll-On

Get fast, temporary relief for aches and pains with Premiere’s Pain Spray Mist and Roll-On. Here are just a few more ways you can use our powerful formula:

  • Swollen joints 
  • High heel foot pain.
  • Overexertion pain and swelling
  • Sciatica
  • Neuropathy

All herbal formula means you can apply as often as you like, and use as much as you need. No stain formulas. Money Back Guarantee. 

Original price $420.00
Original price $52.50 - Original price $420.00
Original price $420.00
Current price $198.00
$48.00 - $198.00
Current price $198.00

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