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20 Popular Aromatherapy Oils (And When to Use Them)

The list of popular aromatherapy oils is too long to memorize. With some effort, you can select a handful of essential oils known to address your particular health concerns. After stocking your aromatherapy medicine cabinet, you must learn to use the oils properly.

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The Modern Science of Aromatherapy

All-natural healthcare is appealing. Nevertheless, smart people hesitate to put their faith in a discipline that lacks solid research and convincing proof.

Luckily, there is over a century of evidence that aromatherapy essential oils can help with everything from infection control to arthritis and migraine pain.

So let’s review the modern science behind aromatherapy.

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Essential Oils Can Relieve Pet Allergy Headaches

Essentials oils can relieve pet allergy headaches. But most people don’t know which oils to use, or how to combine them for the best result. Even more important, very few people realize that their pet is the reason for their frequent headaches.

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Hormone Headaches in Males? Oh Yes, It Happens!

What woman hasn’t had a “hormone headache” around the time of her period? Many also suffer with bad headaches (or even migraines) during menopause. And believe it or not, men suffer the same fate as they age. Luckily, though, there’s good news. For any painful hormone headache natural remedies can help.
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