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What Makes a Vaginal Cream Safe? Answer: What's NOT In It!

Unfortunately, not all vaginal lubricant ingredients are safe. So if you’re among the 80% of American women who deal with vaginal dryness, get informed. Take time to learn about ingredients, and remember these four warnings…

Tip #1: Glycerin Should NOT Be One of the Vaginal Lubricant Ingredients

Many vaginal creams, moisturizers, and lubricants contain glycerin. It’s there to make them feel slippery. And keep them from drying out quickly. But glycerin is dangerous if you have diabetes or any other blood sugar condition. It can cause vaginal irritation. It can even provoke a bladder infection.

Glycerin also makes yeast to grow. That’s why so many women feel itching and burning after using a lubricant. If you are prone to yeast infection, you definitely want to avoid this ingredient.

Finally, glycerin can appear on the label as glycerine, glyceritol, or glycyl alcohol. Avoid all these ingredients.

Tip #2: Alcohol Should NOT Be One of the Vaginal Lubricant Ingredients

Alcohol is very drying, and you don’t want that from a vaginal lubricant! Propylene glycol also irritates intimate tissue. Skip any feminine product if either of these ingredients appears on the label.

Tip #3: “Unscented” Should NOT Appear on the Package.

Most people don’t realize that “unscented” means chemicals have been added to the formula to cover up its natural aroma. Not good. These fragrance additives increase your risk of urinary tract infection. So look for packaging that says “fragrance-free.” That means no artificial fragrance is included in the vaginal lubricant ingredients.

Tip #4: Paraben Preservatives Should NOT Be on the List of Vaginal Lubricant Ingredients

No label will show the word “paraben.” Instead, it will mention a long chemical name, like “methylparaben.” Here’s a tip: many of these unhealthy preservatives end with the letters “paraben.” That makes them easy to spot. They are toxic, so avoid them.

Try an All-Natural Vaginal Cream

Crème de la Femme is an oil-based vaginal lubricant. It contains no glycerin. No alcohol. No Parabens. And no hormones.

A woman doctor created Crème De La Femme over 30 years ago. Today, doctors and pharmacists across the country recommend it. Women use it to relieve menopause dryness, enhance the benefit of bioidentical hormone therapy, or help with vaginal dryness during pregnancy. Some couples trust it to make sex more comfortable.

This sheer vaginal cream offers silky moisture that lasts for hours. You can apply hours before sex and it will still be effective. It lowers your risk of vaginal and bladder infection. Because it’s self-cleansing, there’s no messy residue or follow-up douching required.

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