Can the Pill Really Cause Vaginal Dryness?

Can birth control pills cause vaginal dryness?

It’s a question nobody wants to ask out loud – because if you do, everybody might figure you’ve sort of dried up down there.

Well, luckily, science is beginning to ask (and answer) the question for us. It seems that, yes, the pill’s influence on a woman’s homrones can lead to frustrating, even painfil feminine dryness.

With so many other birth control options, is the pill still that popluar?

Yes! Nearly 10 million American women use the pill to prevent unwanted pregnancy. So in the world of contraception, it beats every other birth control method by a landslide. For example, more than twice as many women choose the pill as choose the IUD (which is the second most popular method).

Who can blame women fo relying on the pill? Used correctly, all the time, it is 99% effective.

And when they made the decision to try using an oral contraceptive, how many of them even thought to ask: can birth control pills cause vaginal dryness?

Can birth control pills cause vaginal dryness and other side effects?

Like all powerful medication, the pill does have side effects. Two of the most under-publicized are lowered sex drive and vaginal dryness.

Feeling sexy isn’t just a mental thing. It’s also a hormone thing. Your sex drive is controlled, in particular, by your level of circulating testosterone. (That’s right: women produce testoserone. Just a lot less than men do.) The pill lowers that your testosterone level. That means you can end up with lowered sex drive – less interest in sex, and less enjoyment when you have it.

Hormones also account for the pill’s frustrating effect on vaginal wetness. Basically, birth control pills add a little extra estrogen and progesterone to your body, the two major female hormones. This sort of tricks your body into thinking it’s already pregnant. That puts your ovaries temporarily out of business. And without ovarian function, a real pregnancy can’t occur.

But the pill’s estrogen is an awkward imitator of what your body makes. It doesn’t always stimulate the production of enough vaginal mucus that should increase when you get aroused.

So can birth control pills cause vaginal dryness? Absolutely, yes.


The obvious way to stop vaginal dryness caused by birth control pills is to stop taking the pill. But that plan has its own problems. So consider some holistic remedies that may help.

Eat More Healthy Fat. If you want more natural vaginal lubrication, you must increase your natural estrogen level. Well, estrogen is made from cholesterol. So try eating more fat that your body can turn into estrogen. Focus on healthy fats that contribute to good hormone balance: avocado, flaxseeds, hummus, peanuts, and sesame seeds are a few.

Reduce Caffeine. We think of caffeine drinks as “liquids.” In fact, they dehydrate the body, including vaginal tissue. So can birth control pills cause vaginal dryness? Yes. But so can caffeinated drinks. If you’re a huge coffee or cola drinker, try to cut down. If you enjoy these beverages just occasionally, consider giving them up.

Use a Vaginal Moisturizer and/or Lubricant. A moisturizer is for daily use, to protect vaginal tissue. A lubricant is for occasional use, usually when you want some extra moisture for sex.  Crème de la Femme work as both a moisturizer and lubricant. All natural and formulated by a woman doctor, it can help a lot!

Take a Women’s Nutritional Supplement. To function well, your body needs the necessary vitamins and nutrients. Because it’s almost impossible to get them all from food, take a high-quality daily woman’s supplement.


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