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SUPPRESS Pocket Inhaler

Use Essential Oil for Better Appetite Control

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Suppress InhalerSuppress InhalerSuppress Inhaler

Studies show that almost half (47%) of American men have tried dieting to lose weight. Among women, make that three out of four (75%)..

Along with responsible eating, consider using the ancient art of aromatherapy to help maintain a healthy weight. With each whiff, this convenient AromaWorks SUPPRESS Pocket Inhaler delivers a mix of two essential oils, Grapefruit and Peppermint.

Aromatherapists sometimes recommend these oils to temporarily…

✓ Curb Hunger ✓ Soothe Hunger Pangs ✓ Relieve Hunger Headache ✓ And Promote Patience (so you can stick with a healthy eating regimen longer)

Use as needed. No harmful side effects.

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PRODUCT USES: Include SUPPRESS Pocket Inhaler in your essential oil medicine cabinet. The internal cotton spine comes soaked in pure essential oils. When you place the inhaler under your nostrils and breathe deeply, the oils’ microscopic molecules make contact with tiny olfactory nerve receptors inside your nostrils. Those receptors instantly relay the molecules to your limbic system, the brain’s command center for emotions and metabolic function. This is the principle behind the ancient healing art of aromatherapy. Individual results may vary.

INGREDIENTS: Essential oils of grapefruit and peppermint

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