A Woman Doctor Created Creme de la Femme

Dr. Marilynn Pratt first formulated Crème de la Femme in a California laboratory over 30 years ago. Today her feminine moisturizer and lubricant is trusted by thousands of women nationwide. Pharmacists recommended it. Doctors around the country encourage their patients to use it.

Because there are many causes of vaginal dryness – and health dangers linked to some vaginal creams and lubricants – Dr. Pratt knew her product could not contain glycerin (because that would make it be risky for women with diabetes or other blood sugar variance issues). It could not contain alcohol or dyes (because that would make it drying). It had to avoid any ingredient that contributes to yeast infection. And it had to be 100% chemical-free. In short: she had her work cut out for her!

Dr. Pratt’s Patients Asked for Help.

It was Dr. Pratt’s own patients who gave her the idea for Crème de la Femme. Founder of the Los Angeles Women’s Institute & Health Center, she frequently heard them complain about uncomfortable vaginal dryness and their fruitless attempts to relieve it with runny, gooey products that dried up quickly.

Many of those women were dealing with menopausal vaginal dryness, the decrease in vaginal moisture that happens naturally, when estrogen levels fall too low. Some lived with only occasional irritation. Others suffered from chronic chaffing, bleeding and infection. Sex was painful for them, and often for their partners as well.

So Dr. Pratt Decided to Develop Something Better.

She wanted a sheer, hormone-free, unscented vaginal cream that would turn into silky moisture immediately upon contact. And she wanted a self-cleansing formula that would never leave a messy residue or require follow-up douching.

Dr. Pratt knew that the only real solution would be an oil-based lubricant. But at that time, many practitioners worried that an oil product might block vaginal pores and cause infection. Determined to settle the question once-and-for-all, she thoroughly examined thousands of professional journal articles and found that not a single one linked oil-based lubricants to vaginal irritation or infection.

The Results of a 3-Year Clinical Trial…

Next she tested her lubricant on interested patients at the L.A. Women’s Institute. Virtually all of them loved it! What’s more, over the course of the 3-year test period, not a single case of subsequent vaginal infection was reported. In fact, Crème de la Femme actually lowered women’s risk because it protected delicate tissue from irritation and resulting infection. What’s more, by keeping vaginal tissue moist and supple, the lubricant helped prevent trauma from intercourse and, so, lowered the rate of bladder infection among users.

After more than 30 years on the market, Crème de la Femme has far exceeded Dr. Pratt’s expectations. Women love the totally natural texture of the lubricant. It’s so subtle that they hardly know it’s there. Yet its subtle moisture lasts for hours. Even women using bioidentical hormones say it offers just the amount of extra moisture they require.

A growing number of women use Crème as a sex lubricant, to make intercourse more comfortable. Others apply it daily. A fingertip amount, applied externally after shower or bath, is sometimes adequate. However the product can also be applied internally, with the accompanying applicator.