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There are many causes of vaginal dryness. But when you live with the problem, all you care about is a solution.

Rely on Crème de la Femme 6-Pack, the world’s most elegant oil-based lubricant and moisturizer. Created by a woman doctor, our ultra-sheer vaginal cream keeps intimate tissue soft and healthy. Plus this convenient 6-Pack…

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  • Encourages you to apply more soothing lubricant, more often

Feeling vaginal dryness in your 20s? Research says that a majority of women do. Trust Crème de la Femme for day-to-day relief and for better sex, every time.

Coping with menopause vaginal dryness? Turn to Crème de la Femme for a 100% hormone-free regimen that keeps intimate tissue comfortable around-the-clock.

Apply daily, externally or internally. Never feels cold or wet. Never runs or drips. No follow-up douching needed.

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PRODUCT USES: Created by a woman doctor, Crème de la Femme is the world’s most luxurious vaginal lubricating cream. Perfect for menopause vaginal dryness, especially if you want to avoid hormone replacement. Relieves other common causes of dryness, including birth control pills, extreme exercise and eating disorders. Great for pregnant women and nursing mothers. Soothing for women with ovarian dysfunction. Ideal for those who’ve undergone chemotherapy or are being treated for a gynecological cancer. The ideal companion to bioidentical hormones. A popular sex lubricant – silky soft, never runny, feels so natural!

INGREDIENTS: Mineral oil, pharmaceutical grade (USP) petrolatum, ceresin and paraffin. Contains no parabens, alcohol, dyes or glycerin. Not recommended for use with latex condoms. Can be used with polyurethane or lambskin condoms.

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