What Causes Indoor Allergies?

Experts suspect that allergies have been around since the dawn of time, but for centuries nobody knew what caused them.

Today we know that heredity plays a role. If both your parents have allergies, then there’s a 50% chance you will, too. If only one of your parents is allergic, then your chances are 25%. We also know that prolonged exposure to allergens eventually causes symptoms in even mildly susceptible people. That’s why you can develop allergic conditions deep into adulthood. Finally, we know that each indoor allergy is associated with a different protein allergen.

  • Cat Allergies are an over-reaction to the Fel d1 allergen, produced mostly by a cat’s sebaceous glands but also found in feline fur, saliva, urine, and solid waste.
  • Dog Allergies occur in response to Can f1, a protein particle present in dog saliva, urine and dander.
  • Dust & Dust Mite Allergies are linked to Der p1, a contaminant found in mite droppings.

How Do These Allergens Provoke Symptoms?

In most people, these protein allergens do not cause symptoms because the body correctly identifies them as harmless. But in people with allergies or asthma, they get mistaken for an invading virus or bacteria. In an effort to eliminate infection, the immune system rushes antibodies to every contact site: nose, eyes, lungs, and surface skin.

Those antibodies bind to the allergens, trying to destroy them. It is the binding process that actually causes symptoms such as puffy-red eyes that tear and burn, runny nose, sneezing and coughing, upper respiratory congestion, pet allergy headache, itchy skin and rashes, pronounced exhaustion, shortness of breath, and even joint pain.

Chemical Solutions Won’t Work!

Many people try to eliminate indoor allergy problems by using pesticides and other harsh chemical solutions. Sadly, this strategy won’t work because the environmental contaminants that trigger symptoms start to accumulate the minute old ones are destroyed. It’s only a matter of time before symptoms recur – which helps explain the EPA warning, that American homes are the most allergy-provoking places in the nation!

Even worse, harsh solutions tend to provoke new symptoms. This happens because an oversensitive immune system is likely to react to caustic chemicals just as it does to protein particles. So even if the allergens are temporarily eliminated, the substance that killed them can quickly initiate new misery.

All-Natural Allergy Relief is Possible

The Easy Air Organic Allergy Relief Combo Pack is a clinically-tested treatment for indoor allergy symptoms that does not expose you or your family to dangerous chemicals. The dual-action power of its Organic Allergy Relief Spray and Organic Allergy Relief Laundry Rinse digs down deep, to reach protein allergens and deconstruct them at a molecular level. It’s like taking a huge, dangerous bolder and crumbling it into harmless rubble.

This unique 2-formula system is safe to use even around babies and family pets because both organic liquids are made exclusively from botanical ingredients. They cannot eliminate or cure allergies but, used regularly, they can make life a lot more comfortable. And because childhood asthma is linked to an overabundance of household allergens, the Easy Air Combo Pack gives parents a proactive strategy for lowering their child’s risk of developing the disease.