Unscented vs. Fragrance: The Nose Knows (Or Does It?)

9358008_sEver wonder what the difference is between products that are “unscented” versus “fragrance-free”? Frankly, I always believed the two words were interchangeable. Boy was I wrong! And with so many self-proclaimed “natural” products to choose from these days, consumers should take the time to learn the difference.

Fragrance-free means that there are no artificial fragrances added to the product. This is especially important if you’re highly sensitive (or even allergic) to artificial fragrances. A common misconception is that “fragrance-free” describes a product that has no scent at all. This is an assumption I myself had until very […]

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Learn More About the Causes of Pet Allergies and How to Avoid Them

13089570_sHave you ever come home to a purring cat, nestling against your leg, or a jumping-for-joy dog, wagging its tail? You caress your pet’s head, stroke it’s back, and then rub your eyes out of pure exhaustion, only to feel that sting. No, it’s not the sting of unconditional love, it’s the sting of burning, irritating, pupils. And that’s just the start of it.

An astounding 1 out of 6 Americans have either dog allergies or cat allergies whether they know it or not. However, that doesn’t stop the 164 million households in America from adding Fido or Whiskers […]

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Pain Spray for Your Brain?

14119244_sI recently learned about a booming U.S. industry: brain gyms. They’re mostly online businesses that survey potential members to identify areas of cognitive function that they want to improve. Then, in a matter of seconds, software customizes computer games to help achieve those goals.

An obvious market for these e-ventures is baby boomers, the 77 million of us who want to delay not only the appearance of wrinkles on our face but also the fine lines we imagine to be emerging on our brains. Sure, I thought, as we age it’s great to find botanical products  like our

Pleasure Lubricant Use is Getting More Popular

15849322_sSo it turns out middle age women aren’t the only ones coping with painful sex! In fact, new research is shattering a lot of myths related to age, sex and pleasure lubricants.  Just for starters…

A 2013 study finds that the two most common sexual problems reported by women are vaginal dryness (82% of all respondents) and pain during sex (75% of all respondents). Frankly, there’s nothing especially new about this EXCEPT that the study finds younger women experience these problems just as frequently as older women do. PLUS, younger women are twice as likely to be bothered by their symptoms.

Lavender: Natural Medicine for Migraines & Sunburn

10184511-purple-lavender-flowers-in-the-fieldFor the end of summer, nothing beats lavender!  Add a few drop of this essential oil to tepid water and you’ll have a very effective (and aromatic) compress for sunburns. Some aromatherapists like to include an equal amount of chamomile oil in this formula, especially for children because chamomile is the most popular essential oil for childhood remedies.  If the sunburn stings too much to apply a compress, you can fill any spray-head bottle with the mix and spritz on your sunburn as often as you like until the skin feels begins to recover.  You’ll find it […]

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With Mite-NIX Anti-Allergy System get Natural Allergy Relief in your Home

brand-mite-nix-350pxOur revolutionary Mite-NIX Anti-Allergy System provides relief from indoor allergies without the harmful chemicals found in most popular allergy products found on store shelves. Our all natural allergy relief system removes harmful allergens from the air of your home without leaving harsh chemicals in there place. Mite-NIX Anti-Allergy System helps prevent the following allergy symptoms; puffy red eyes, runny nose, coughing, wheezing, headache, itchy rashes or splotchy skin.

Use our Anti-Allergy Relief Spray to reduce airborne allergens such as dust mites, pet fur, and dander. This special formulation works by destroying these protein based allergens by breaking them apart at […]

Our Pain Spray is a Natural Solution for Back Pain

200177292-001Any given day, 1 in 20 Americans suffers from back pain. Premiere’s Pain Spray works amazingly well as a treatment for all types of back pain. Use Pain spray whether it be for Acute Back Pain caused by mild trauma or for ongoing Chronic Back Pain. Our Pain Spray offers relief to back pain sufferers without the need for prescription medications or invasive surgeries.

This natural remedy for back pain comes in two different forms. First, Premiere’s Pain Spray, which begins working immediately after 2-3 sprays offering instant relief to back pain. Second, in our Premiere’s […]

Skeptic Turns Into Believer: Testimonial for Our Aromatherapy Inhalers

Aromatherapy Solutions for Sleep Problems and more“I was skeptical about your products until I ordered 2 of them & can honestly say that they are fabulous & absolutely do what they are intended to do. I was able to eliminate OTC sleep aids and replace them with the SLEEP inhaler. I fall asleep within 15 minutes of using it and get at least 4 hours of uninterrupted sleep. I also am using the SUPPRESS inhaler to assist me in my weight loss efforts, and it also works. I highly suggest to those that have doubts about these inhalers to give them […]

Freedom from Pain? Really!

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Losing Weight: Is It about Calories or Exercise?

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In their excellent newsletter HEALTHbeat, Harvard Medical School recently reported that, “when it comes to shedding pounds, the key is cutting calories — and it doesn’t really matter whether those calories come mainly from steak, bread, or vegetables.”

Okay, but if you commit to doing regular, calorie-burning exercise can’t you enjoy more fattening food more of the time?

Research suggests that the exercise approach will work – at least for women – if they start out at a normal weight. But for […]