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ALERT Pocket Inhaler

Boost Energy Naturally

Price: $8.49

ALERT Pocket Inhaler contains a balanced mix of 100% imported oils. Essential oil of Neroli will regenerate your nervous system and relieve tension, anger or the sense of having lived with a difficult situation too long. Oils of Basil and Spearmint will improve brain function and promote optimism.

Here’s a natural pick me up without the irritability that accompanies prescription stimulants. Use as needed. No harmful side effects.

  • Perfect for busy professionals
  • Great for college students
  • Ideal for treating ADHD without medication
  • Keeps sleepy parents awake for baby

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PRODUCT USES: Include ALERT Pocket Inhaler in your essential oil medicine cabinet. The internal cotton spine comes soaked in pure essential oils. When you place the inhaler under your nostrils and breathe deeply, the oils’ microscopic molecules make contact with tiny olfactory nerve receptors inside your nostrils. Those receptors instantly relay the molecules to your limbic system, the brain’s command center for emotions and metabolic function. This is the principle behind the ancient healing art of aromatherapy.

INGREDIENTS: Essential oils of neroli, basil and spearmint.

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