6-Pack Pain Spray Mist

Save Big on Pain Free Spray

Price: $51.00 (save $8.70)

Premiere's Pain Spray

Get all natural pain relief in less than 2 minutes! Whether you suffer from serious, chronic pain or just get occasional aches and pains – Premiere’s Pain Spray Mist 6-Pack can help.

PLUS… with this super-saver package, you’ll enjoy $1.45 off the regular low price on every bottle… and get 2 FREE Travel-Size bottles with your order. (They’re great for slipping into a briefcase, purse or pocket when you’re on-the-go.)

  • Arthritis pain relief without a prescription
  • Sore and swollen feet, refreshed fast
  • Fibromyalgia and sciatica pain, gone in minutes
  • Back pain relief you have to feel to believe

And don’t worry about side effects. This remarkable Pain Away Spray won’t leave you sleepy or groggy. It won’t upset your stomach. Safe for children ages 5-plus. Use as often as needed.

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PRODUCT USES: Deliver a TKO to joint and muscle pain because even the worst chronic pain conditions respond to this powerful “No Pain” formula. Stops low back pain; neck and shoulder pain; morning stiffness; hand, finger and wrist pain; knee, ankle and foot pain; carpal tunnel and fibromyalgia. Relieves sore muscle pain brought on by over-exertion or a minor sports injury. Even soothes the aches and pains of pregnancy, without harsh chemicals. Try this all-natural pain remedy and discover why our customers say: “There’s a Miracle in Every Bottle.”

INGREDIENTS: Purified water, menthol, isopropyl alcohol, glycerol, eucalyptus leaf oil, wintergreen leaf oil, peppermint oil, coconut oil. Never stains skin, clothes or bedding.

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