3-Pack Headache ReLeaf Roll-On

How to Stop Migraine Headaches FAST

Price: $24.00 (save $2.85)

Headache ReLeaf

Want natural migraine pain relief? Or fast headache relief? Then try our Headache ReLeaf Roll-On 3-Pack. You’ll save money and get 3 times the amount of soothing headache pain relief.

Rely on this all natural headache remedy anywhere, anytime. A blend of imported menthol (nature’s strongest pain reliever) and 3 soothing essential oils, it works great and is safe for the whole family!

  • A strong sinus headache treatment
  • Hangover headache relief
  • Allergy headache relief
  • A tension headache treatment
  • Stops PMS and menopause headaches
  • Natural remedy for cold and fever headache

Here’s the ultimate essential oil therapy for headache. Powerful enough to beat a migraine. So natural you can safely use it for children ages 5 and up. Smells great. No harmful side effects. Use as often as needed.

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PRODUCT USES: This roll-on blasts headache pain wherever you feel it. Across your forehead or eyebrows. Deep in your temples. In the back of your neck. Anywhere. The more you apply, the stronger the effect. Relieves cluster headaches, migraines, headaches from stress, exhaustion, over-exertion, sun, cold or wind. Won’t interfere with prescription medications. Won’t cause drowsiness, mental blur or stomach upset.

INGREDIENTS: Purified water, menthol, essential oil of French lavender (for migraine, monthly period or menopause headache), essential oil of Indian peppermint (fever, cold and flu headache as well as headache due to sinus infection, allergy, lack of sleep or mental exhaustion) and essential oil of Turkish rose (for hangover headache, sports-induced migraine or emotional upset).

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